Marine Micropaleontology


Ocean Research with FS SONNE (SO-257 WACHEIO) Western Australian Climate History from Eastern Indian Ocean Sediment Archives Logo des BmBF
International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 363 - Western Pacific Warm Pool      Logo des IODP
International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 353 - Indian Monsoon Rainfall
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Meeresforschung mit FS SONNE (SO-217 MAJA) Dynamik des Indonesischen Durchstroms in der Makassar-Java-Passage Logo des BmBF
Impact of postglacial warming on tropical convection and precipitation patterns in the Indonesian Archipelago Logo der DFG
Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum thermocline reconstructions in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool Logo der DFG
Indonesian Throughflow variability on sub-orbital timescales during Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3 Logo der DFG
Developing a Late Oligocene to Middle Miocene benthic foraminiferal isotope chronostratigraphy across the Pacific "paleoequator transect" (IODP PEAT Expedition 320/321)      Logo von IODP
Reconstructing East Asian monsoon climate history between 12.5 and 7 Ma: Linkages to tectonic events, cryosphere evolution and orbital forcing Logo der DFG
Planktonic Foraminiferal Mg/Ca as Indicator of Seawater Carbonate-Ion Saturation Logo der DFG
Unraveling the Onset and Spread of Cretaceous Anoxia SFB 754 Climate-Biogeochemistry in the Tropical Ocean - TP A7      Logo des SFB754
Source-to-sink analysis (palaeobiology and sedimentology), on- and offshore Tarfaya basin, Morocco (Meso-/Cenozoic)      Logo von Onhym     Logo von RWE
Cenozoic evolution of the Indonesian Throughflow and the origins of Indo-Pacific marine biodiversity: Mapping the biotic response to environmental change (THROUGHFLOW) Logo der EU     Logo des Throughflow-Projektes
Meeresforschung mit FS SONNE (SO-185 VITAL) Rekonstruktion der Variabilität des "Indonesian Troughflow" Logo des BMBF